Pets & Livestock Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In farming, what animal would be most likely to live in an ark?

2.In which 2001 film does an evil Persian cat named Mr Tinkles threaten world domination by making humans allergic to dogs? [---- & ----]

3.What disease might you most commonly contract from your pet parrot? [Psi---co---]

4.What is the breed of cat which is generally accepted to be hairless? [------]

5.What is the disease-carrying worm found in dog and cat faeces which can cause blindness? [T-------]

6.What is the name of Bob the Builder's cat? [P-------]

7.What was the name of Stephen King's book about a rabid St Bernard? [----]

8.What was the name of the first animal in space? [----a]

9.What was the name of the Mangles dog in early episodes of Neighbours?

10.On what part of a cats body is its nictitating membrane?

11.Which 1972 cartoon film featuring a cat as its main character was among the first to receive an 18 certificate? [----- the Cat]

12.Which cartoon cat is always trying to get into Tweetie Pies cage?

13.Which children's writers most famous book is entitled The Cat in the Hat?

14.Which famous cartoon cat from 1920 just kept on walking? [F----]

15.With the initials GCCF, which organisation was set up in 1910 to register pedigree cats in the United Kingdom? [Governing Council of the C-- F----]

16.President Obama and his family's pet pooch, Bo, is what breed of dog?

17.What American TV personality is known for signing off his show by saying "Help control the pet population? Has your pet spayed or neutered"?

18.A French lop is which animal that is often kept as a pet?

19.Which 1990s US TV sitcom featured as a pet a collie mix named Murray?

20.Which pet, a domesticated cavy, is also a synonym for a person or animal used for experimentation? [-----a ---]

21.Which of the following is NOT a breed of goldfish?

22.Mr Bigglesworth the cat is the pet of what film character?

23.The name of the German dog the dachshund translates as what in English?

24.A pet turtle would typically be kept in a transparent enclosure called a what? [--rr-r---]

25.Eddie, Martin Crane's pet pooch on TV's "Frasier," did what for lengthy periods of time that totally annoyed Frasier?

26.The popular pet the Syrian hamster is also known as what kind of hamster?

27.What is the name of Elle Woods' Chihuahua in the 2001 film "Legally Blonde"?

28.Often kept as a pet, the potbellied pig originated in which country?

29.What kind of animal was singer Michael Jackson's pet Bubbles?

30.What famous slogan was introduced in the 1960s to sell Purina Dog Chow dog food?

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