Olympics Rules & Details Trivia Questions & Answers

1.A woman's discus weighs 1 kg (2 lb 3 oz). How much does a man's discus weigh?

2.Before it begins its trip through 20 countries, where is the Olympic flame kindled? [----- -------]

3.Blue, red and green are three of the five rings of the Olympic flag. What are the other two?

4.Competitors of which surname have won the most Olympic Medals?

5.Eddie the Eagle became famous at the 1988 Calgary Olympics. In which event did he take part?

6.What do the five rings of the Olympic flag symbolise? [--- ---- ----------]

7.Phiedippides ran over 26 miles in 490 BC to deliver the news of a lost battle. He ran from Marathon, where did he run to?

8.How far is a modern Olympic Marathon, to the nearest mile?

9.How many rounds are there in an Olympic boxing match?

10.How many times has a German city (east, West or Unified) hosted the Summer Olympic Games?

11.How many times have the Olympic games been cancelled due to war since 1896?

12.How many track events are there in a decathlon? (Some event are Field)

13.The tallest gold medallist competed in the Olympic games in which sport?

14.In athletics, what was the Triple Jump formerly called? [--- ---- and ----]

15.In the 1984 Olympics, which athlete won gold medals in the 100 and 200 metres, the sprint relay and the long jump?

16.Which body decides where the Olympic games will be held?

17.In which country was the 1992 Summer Olympics held?

18.Name the American swimmer who won a record number of Gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

19.Over what distance are the men's athletics High Hurdles?

20.Rhythmic gymnastics includes the rope, ball, ribbon and what another piece of equipment? [----]

21.The world record in the men's marathon was set in 2008 by Haile Gebrselassie. What nationality is he?

22.What is the name of the main stadium in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing?

23.What was the nickname of Eric Moussambani, a swimmer from Equatorial Guinea, who swam the slowest-ever time in the 100 metres freestyle at the Sydney Olympics? [Eric --- ---]

24.What was the venue for the Winter Olympics in 1956 which gave its name to a model of car? [C------ in Italy]

25.Which Canadian sprinter broke the 100m world record at the 1988 Olympics but was disqualified for using steroids?

26.Which is the only inhabited continent never to have staged the Olympic Games?

27.Which North American city hosted the 1976 Olympics?

28.Which of the following was NOT an Olympic sport in Paris in 1900?

29.Which sport combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting? [B-------]

30.Which sport would you be performing if you were doing a ballet leg double, a knight or castle, a tuck, a front pike or a split?

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