Olympic Sports Equipment Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Miniature Mini Coopers were used during the 2012 Summer Olympic field events to return the thrown javelins, discuss, shot put shots and hammers to the competitors.

2.The 2012 Olympic pentathletes used [l---- p------] for shooting during the modern pentathlon.

3.In Olympic archery, where would you find the fletching?

4.A gymnast in Olympic rhythmic gymnastics uses two of which piece of equipment when performing her routine?

5.Sir Chris Hoy won the men's keirin in track cycling at the 2012 Summer Olympics riding a bike that he bought at a London bike shop for the equivalent of $287 Australian dollars.

6.In Olympic boxing, one boxer's gloves, headgear and uniform are always red, while his or her opponents are always which colour?

7.A parallel [-x--] is an Olympic equestrian jumping obstacle consisting of a front and back rail of the same height, set wide apart.

8.In the Olympic shot put competition, the shot for both men and women is the same weight at 10 pounds.

9.Which Olympic sport would use a so-called "cox box"?

10.The Albert from Adidas was what piece of official sports equipment used during the 2012 Olympics?

11.In Olympic sailing, one of the men's events involves a particular two-man sailing skiff that's called a "[--er]."

12.Which of these is NOT an apparatus used in Olympic men's and women's artistic gymnastics?

13.Cross-country riders in the 2012 Summer Olympic eventing competition in equestrian wore safety vests that inflated like airbags if they were thrown from their horses.

14.The three types of swords Olympic fencers use during competition are the foil, the sabre and what?

15.The 2012 Summer Olympic badminton competition used shuttlecocks with synthetic feathers due to protests from PETA about using goose feathers.

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