Northern Territory Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In the early part of the 20th century, there was a movement to change the name of the territory. Which of these was NOT a proposed new name for the territory?

2.The Northern Territory landmark given the traditional Aboriginal name Uluru is known in English as?

3.How many Members in the House of Representatives represent Northern Territory in the Commonwealth parliament?

4.What is Northern Territory's one university called? [C------ D----- University]

5.The Finke River is the world's what?

6.In 1824, Northern Territory's first settlement was established where? [P--- E--------]

7.Which of these national parks is NOT located in the Northern Territory?

8.Besides the Port of Darwin, there are two other major ports in the Northern Territory, both managed by mining companies. These ports are? [M----- B-- and G----]

9.What is the capital city of the Northern Territory?

10.Which of these states does NOT border the Northern Territory?

11.In which Northern Territory region did the didgeridoo originate?

12.What town has more art galleries per capita than any other place in the world?

13.The Indigenous All-Stars Australian rules football team currently play matches at what stadium?

14.On Christmas Eve, 1974, what named storm hit Darwin, devastating the city and making history as Australia's most destructive?

15.In association football (soccer), Northern Territory is divided into how many zones which have their own zone councils to administer leagues locally?

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