New Zealand Sport Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What is the top ranking female sport in New Zealand as measured by participation?

2.I am a sport that came to New Zealand in the 1870s, soon after I was invented in England. My first NZ championship was held at Hawkes Bay in 1886. NZ competes in my Fed Cup. What am I?

3.In 2005 New Zealander Michael Campbell won a major US competition in which sport?

4.Bob Fitzsimmons and Torpedo Billy Murphy were?

5.The Falcons are the New Zealand national sports team for which sport?

6.What was New Zealand Cricket, the governing body of cricket in New Zealand, previously known as?

7.What age restrictions apply to members of the Junior All Blacks?

8.Chris Amon was regarded as one of the best drivers never to win a championship Grand Prix in F1. Which decades did he compete in?

9.Who climbed to the top of Everest with Edmund Hillary?

10.Peter Snell won three gold medals for NZ and broke several world records during the 1960s. He was a?

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