New York Women Trivia Questions & Answers

1.She shouted, Hey big boy, come up and see me sometime! [--- ----]

2.She saved her bes-t for last and married NBA star Rick Fox, name this Miss America? [Vanessa W-------]

3.Who is the Civil Rights activist found on the silver dollar? [Susan B. A------]

4.Which New York favourite lady is a Ball of fun, with her red haired-brain schemes? [L------ B---]

5.What Brooklyn born author of Unbought and Unbossed was quoted with saying Service is the rent that you pay for room on this earth? [S------ C-----lm]

6.Popular fabrics range from fine silks to vintage lace, but what Yonkers Lady would probably prefer a side of beef? [---- G-G-]

7.This East Coast famous Barbara earned an Emmy for Best Actress, but Dallas held her heart?

8.She was the first American born saint beatified by the Roman Catholic Church and founded the first Catholic school in the United States?

9.This New York doll is recognized as every woman in business, fashion, style, and sport; she made her debut in 1959. [------]

10.This American poet professed her love for the country in a sonnet to the Statue of Liberty. [Emma L------]

11.This American teacher was the first African American female attorney in the 1800s.

12.Who is the truthful abolitionist who asked, Aint I a Woman? [--------- Truth]

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