New York Movies Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What famous 1979 Woody Allen about NYC was shot entirely in black-and-white? [---------]

2.What 1984 film, featuring many of the actors from Saturday Night Live, was set in NYC?

3.What 1977 hit film starred a young John Travolta growing up in Brooklyn and featured the newest musical craze?

4.What movie about racial tensions in Brooklyn was Spike Lee?s first big hit as a director? [-- --- ----- -----]

5.What 1933 movie featured a huge gorilla climbing the Empire State Building?

6.What movie adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, set in NYC, has been called the best NY musical ever?

7.What movies about the Carlene crime family have been called the greatest Mafia films ever made?

8.What arachnid superhero spins his web against the bad guys over NYC?

9.What Billy Crystal/Meg Ryan comedy had the famous line Ill have what she's having?

10.What film starring Michael Douglas proclaiming that Greed is good featured in New York's financial industry?

11.Meryl Streep's portrayal of a Holocaust survivor living in Brooklyn won her the Academy Award for this film. What was it? [Sophies ------]

12.What 1984 movie featuring live-action puppets was set in NYC? [Muppets ---- M--------]

13.What science fiction comedy featured Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as alien-battling secret agents in NYC?

14.What 2000 romantic comedy was set in an actual NYC bar? [C----- U---]

15.What 2005 remake of a classic science fiction story featured Martians invading Manhattan? [W-- -- --- W-----]

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