New York History Trivia Questions & Answers

1.As the first capital of the new nation in 1789, what president was inaugurated in New York on April 30th?

2.Founded in 1792, it is the centre of world finance?

3.Which New York city was independent until 1898?

4.Of the following which is NOT a city in New York?

5.Give the legal name of the five New York Boroughs. [_ _ w _ o _ _, _ i _ _ _, _ _c_ _ o _ _, _ r _ _ x, _ _ _ e _ _]

6.American General Horatio Gates won the battle of [S-------] in October 1777.

7.As of 2011, New York has been the birthplace of how many US presidents?

8.Which country is New York border?

9.Which famous sandwich spread was introduced in Long Island City, Queens in the early 1900s?

10.The largest Chinese enclave in the Western Hemisphere is New Yorks own? [--i---o--]

11.Between 1892 and 1954, millions of immigrants passed through what famous port of entry? [E---- ------]

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