New York Crime Trivia Questions & Answers

1.From 2005-2011, what was NYC's ranking among the top ten US cities for crime rate?

2.What NYC murder victim was stabbed 82 times in 1964 in front of numerous bystanders who failed to help, giving rise to the term bystander effect? [K---- Genovese]

3.What member of the Beatles was murdered outside his Manhattan apartment in 1980?

4.Arson killed 87 people at this Bronx social club in 1990. What was the name of the club? [H-------- Social Club]

5.David Berkowitz was one of New Yorks most notorious serial killers. What did the media call him?

6.In 1899, Henry Bliss of New York became famous for being the first person killed by this new invention. What killed Henry Bliss? [-- ----------]

7.The black nationalist leader Malcolm X was assassinated in Harlem in 1965 by members of which group? [------ -- -----]

8.In what year did a power blackout provoke widespread looting and Howard Cosell announce to the world during the World Series, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx is burning?

9.What was the term the media used to describe the rampage through Central Park in The Central Park Jogger attack in 1989? [W------]

10.Who was the Subway Vigilante who shot four men in 1984 who tried to rob him? [Bernard G----]

11.What punk rock star stabbed his girlfriend to death in Greenwich Village in 1978? [S-- V------]

12.Who was the Long Island Railroad Shooter who killed 6 and wounded 25 during a 1993 shooting on the commuter train? [Colin F-------]

13.What was the name of the ship that smuggled hundreds of illegal Chinese immigrants to Long Island in 1993 by crashing into the beach? [G----- Venture]

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