New Castle Region Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The first European to explore the area in 1797 was?

2.Newcastle remained a penal settlement until?

3.What is the official festival of Newcastle called? [------- festival]

4.Australia's most successful alternative rock band and New Castle's very own Silverchair is best known for this breakthrough single which reached no.1 in Billboard's Rock Charts?

5.I have starred in Fox action-drama series '24' and the NBC television series 'Windfall.' I was born in New Castle. I am?

6.In 1804, before it became New Castle, the city was originally named?

7.In World War II, a Japanese submarine attacked Newcastle. This happened in what year?

8.The Newcastle team 'Hunter Jaegers' plays in what sport?

9.Before the European Settlers, the city was originally occupied by these two Aboriginal people?

10.The condition of the convicts improved in 1818 under the supervision of this captain. He laid out town streets, churches and buildings. He is?

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