Nature & Earth Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Name the device which measures nuclear radiation by counting the ionising particles. [------ Counter]

2.Black Hairstreak and Pear blue are species of which insect?

3.Blue, Pilot and Minke are all species of what?

4.Boll weevils are particularly destructive to which crop?

5.Chemically pure gold is rated as how many carats?

6.Cork is harvested from the bark of what kind of tree?

7.A Manatee?

8.From what animal do we get Cashmere?

9.How is the constellation Ursa Minor known in English? [L----- ------]

10.How many arms does a Starfish usually have?

11.How many claws does a domestic cat have?

12.How many eyes does a bee have?

13.How many legs does a lobster use for walking?

14.How many pairs of legs does a spider have?

15.How many planets in our Solar System have only one moon?

16.How many sides do the patterns of all snow crystal have?

17.How many legs/tentacles does a squid have?

18.If a volcano is neither active nor extinct, what is it? [-------]

19.Mallard, Muscovy and Aylesbury are all types of what?

20.Marsh gas is a common name for what?

21.Name the two moons of Mars. [P----- and D-----]

22.The two types of Panda are?

23.On which naval vessel did Charles Darwin serve as naturalist from 1831 to 1836? [The ------]

24.Phobos and Deimos are moons of which planet?

25.Polaris is an important star for navigators. What is it more commonly called?

26.The Bluefin is a variety of which fish?

27.The brightest star in the sky, often called the Dog Star, has which another name?

28.The Earth's atmosphere is divided into four distinct layers. The level nearest the Earth is the troposphere. The other three are? [T----osphere, M----phere and S-----sphere]

29.The Giant and the Pink Fairy are kinds of which South American animal? [A--------]

30.The main diet of the Koala Bear consists of the leaves of which plant? [---------- Tree]

31.The male of which species is known as a boomer or a buck?

32.What animal would live in an Earth?

33.What animals did Dian Fossey study in Rwanda? [M------- G-------]

34.What animals name translates as river horse?

35.What celestial body will next be seen from the earth in 2061? [------- -----]

36.What does a frog do when it swallows?

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