City of Napier Trivia Questions & Answers

1.As of June 2009, the population of Napier was about?

2.By road how far north-east of Wellington is Napier?

3.Napier has a collection of buildings in which style of architecture? [--- ----]

4.On 3 February 1931 Napier was the victim of?

5.I am a statue of a woman. I am on Napier's Marine Parade. In 1982 a vandal shot me in the head. In 2005 I was kidnapped. What am I? [P---- of the R---]

6.Originally from Napier, Mike Boon is a well known?

7.U-862 visited Napier long ago, what was it? [A --------e]

8.A colony of what kind of birds can be found at Cape Kidnappers? [------]

9.I am home to some of Hawkes Bays finest vineyards. I have a population of about 17,000. What's my name? [T-------]

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