Mother Earth Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What extinct creature's name, derived from Greek, means Thunder lizard?

2.What family of birds does the budgie belong to?

3.What flower is alternatively known as the Lent Lily? [D-------]

4.What is a Baby Oyster called?

5.What is a baby Seal called?

6.What is Kumquat?

7.What is a Sequoia?

8.What is a three-letter alternative name for the Wildebeest [---]

9.What is mainly responsible for the earth?s tides?

10.What is the collective term for a group of Nightingales?

11.What is the female equivalent to the word Boar?

12.What is the general term for a group of stars? [-------------]

13.What is the Gestation Period of an Elephant?

14.What is the hardest substance produced by the human body? [T---- E-----]

15.What is the largest living thing on Earth? [The G---- B------ ----]

16.What is the latitude of the Equator?

17.What is the more popular name for the yellow flower Crowfoot? [B--------]

18.What is the most widely cultivated crop in the world, grown in every continent except Antarctica?

19.What is the name for the liquid part of blood?

20.What is the name given to the prehistoric landmass formed before the continents broke up?

21.What is the name of the male reproductive organ of a flower? [The S-----]

22.What is the name of the process by which plants use sunlight to obtain their energy? [Ph------------]

23.What is the name of the study of the movement of the plates which make up the Earth's crust? [T--------]

24.What is the only venomous mammal in the world? [The ---k Billed P-------]

25.What is the scientific name for the white of an egg?

26.What is the term for an animal which eats the food of both animal and vegetable origin?

27.What kind of animal is a Water Ouzel?

28.What kind of creature is a Frogmouth?

29.What name is given to a female hedgehog?

30.What name is given to a tail that can be used for swinging and gripping?

31.What sort of creature is a Cassowary?

32.What sort of creature is a Cicada?

33.What sort of creature is a Gelada?

34.What sort of creature is a Grebe?

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