Mixed Sport Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Which player won the 2005/06 Snooker Grand Prix?

2.George Best played for which Los Angeles soccer team?

3.Who was world heavyweight boxing champion from 1933-1934?

4.From which rugby club did Barry John join Cardiff?

5.For which club was Roberto Baggio playing when he won the European Footballer of the Year Award in 1993?

6.Urania in Ancient Greece and Harpaston in Ancient Rome were forerunners of which modern ball sport?

7.What nationality is Grand Prix driver Juan Pablo Montoya?

8.Which footballer scored a hat trick against Arsenal in four and a half minutes in 1994?

9.Which golfer sacked his caddie for failing to show up in time for the 2001 Scandinavian Masters?

10.How many West Ham footballers played in the 1966 World Cup Final?

11.Name the Indian bookie at the centre of international cricket's match-fixing scandals of 2000.

12.In football which team won the African Nations Cup in 1974?

13.The Punch Line consisted of Toe Blake, Elmer Lach and what hockey legend?

14.Which two Majors did Tiger Woods win in 2005?

15.Santiago Canizares, the Spanish goalkeeper missed World Cup 2002 after what fell on his foot?

16.How many times did Peter Alliss play in the Ryder Cup?

17.In motor racing, who won the 2003 Italian Grand Prix?

18.What was unusual about Howard Winstone's right hand?

19.Which football club won the Barclays Premier League title for the 2011-12 season?

20.American NBA star Ron Artest officially changed his name to Metta World Peace in 2011.

21.What word refers to skiing straight downhill very fast?

22.Besides playing in Major League Baseball, Bo Jackson played in which pro sports league in the US?

23.The Hockey Hall of Fame of ice hockey is located in [T-----o, -----a].

24.What company is the title sponsor of the IRB's Rugby Sevens World Series?

25.Which gold-medal-winning Olympian became famous for playing Tarzan in 12 films beginning in 1932 with "Tarzan The Ape Man"? [Jo---- ---ss--ll--]

26.Which National Hockey League team picked Alex Ovechkin first overall in the 2004 NHL entry draft?

27.Which nation defeated Australia to win the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup title in 2010?

28.Which sport is the focus of the 1970s made-for-TV movie "Brian's Song"?

29.In the sport of curling, who or what is the skip?

30.Which Major League Baseball father and son sluggers each hit 50 home runs in a major league season?

31.Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of American football, said that "Once you learn to quit, it [---omes a h---t]."

32.Former world #1 men's singles tennis player Marat Safin and former world #1 women's singles tennis player Dinara Safina are brother and sister.

33.The fixing of Major League Baseball's 1919 World Series, known as the "Black Sox Scandal," is depicted in which 1988 John Sayles film?

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