Mercedes-Benz Trivia Questions & Answers

1.When was the first Mercedes-Benz brand name vehicles produced?

2.Complete the names of these famous engineers G------- Daimler C--- Benz Wilhelm M-----h

3.The Vario is a?

4.The Mercedes-Benz 260, released in 1936 was notable because?

5.As at 2010 which of these countries do not manufacture or assemble Mercedes-Benz vehicles?

6.AMG is?

7.Stirling Moss was famous?

8.In 1924 Mercedes-Benz produced the first passenger road car to have?

9.Which class was first introduced in 1993? (Single letter answer)

10.The GLK is a?

11.Which class is known as the Baby Benz? (single letter answer)

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