City of Melbourne Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The layout of the centre of Melbourne central business district is known as?

2.What was the Melbournes population in 1836?

3.I am a large twin Cantilever bridge. I span the Yarra River and Victoria Harbour in the Docklands precinct to the west of the Melbourne CBD. What am I? [The B---- Bridge]

4.The Melburnian idiom I'll meet you under the clocks refers to the row of clocks at the entrance of what? [F------- S----- S------]

5.I am a World Heritage Site-listed building completed in 1880. I am located at 9 Nicholson Street in the Carlton Gardens. What am I? [R---- E--------- B-------]

6.What is Pin Oak Court in Vermont South known as on television? [R----- S-----]

7.The Melbourne team in the 2010 Super 15 rugby union competition is called?

8.Which two of the big four Australian banks are headquartered in Melbourne?

9.What is at the corner of Swanston and Collins Streets?

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