Measurement Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In ancient Egypt, a Cubit was a measure of?

2.which of the following could be the lengths of the sides of a set square?

3.The distance around the circumference of a circle is roughly how many times the diameter?

4.Which two simple geometric shapes did Archimedes use to mark his tomb?

5.If O stands for an odd number and E for an even number what is the missing symbol below? E O E O E E E E E E O E?

6.The time of swing of a pendulum depends only on its?

7.One horsepower is defined as?

8.Which of these plane figures has the most number of axis of symmetry?

9.How many squares on a chessboard?

10.We count in base 10, computers work in the base?

11.What is a googol?

12.Which of these system of numerals in the only one to have a symbol for 0?

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