London Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Unscramble these London attractions Eth Shoues fo Niprmleaat Rwoet Grdibe Bigumkncah Cpaale Nnolod Eey

2.Camden, Greenwich and Hackney are London what?

3.Complete these four London place names Ch-l--a Lam---- L---sham So-th-ar-

4.Who knew London as Londinium?

5.Unscramble these London Airport names Whaherto Tkwcgai Sdeanstt Ulnot Ytic

6.The London Underground consists of how many stations?

7.The London Underground consists of?

8.I am an Anglican cathedral on Ludgate Hill, I am the seat of the Bishop of London, I have one of the highest domes in the world. What am I?

9.I am a multi-purpose indoor arena in London. I have a capacity of 23,000. What is the missing word from my name? The -- Arena

10.My full name is Collegiate Church of St Peter. I am a large mainly Gothic church. I was established by Royal Charter of Queen Elizabeth I in 1560. What am I?

11.What is the commonly used name for the Central Criminal Court in London? Where are the missing words? The --- ------

12.What sporting event involving thousands of competitors occurred on Sunday 26 April 2009? What are the missing two words? The L----- M-------

13.German bombing raids on London during WWII are collectively known as?

14.Yeomen Warders of Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London are better known as?

15.I am a large office and shopping development in East London. I contain some of London's tallest buildings I have an animal name in my name. C----- W----

16.London hosts the 2012 Olympics?

17.The Tower of London is a historic monument in London. The phrase "sent to the Tower" means the person was?

18.In the United States, they call public transportation the "subway". What is it called in London?

19.Which airport is located in Hillingdon, West London?

20.What is the name of the historic core of London also known as "The Square Mile"?

21.What is the name of the police force that is overseen by the Metropolitan Police Authority that polices Greater London?

22.What is the official residence of the British Prime Minister, which is located in London?

23.What is the motto of the London School of Economics and Political Science?

24.How many shops are there in Oxford Street, also known as Europe's busiest shopping street?

25.The Leicester Square was named after which Earl of Leicester?

26.How many boroughs does London have?

27.When did the Great Fire of London occur?

28.Where did the Great Fire of London start?

29.The Buckingham Palace is in which city?

30.When did the Big Ben first start ticking?

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