City of Liverpool Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Liverpool was granted city status in?

2.In the early 1800s what percentage of international trade passed through Liverpool docks?

3.The worlds first intercity railway opened in 1830 taking passengers between Liverpool and which city?

4.Allerton & Hunts Cross, Anfield, Belle Vale, Central, Clubmoor and West Derby are all what?

5.Liverpool city is built on top of a ridge of?

6.I was opened in 1846. I housed the first hydraulic cranes in the world and contain more grade 1 listed buildings than any other location in the UK. I am located by the water. What am I?

7.Which of these people is not from Liverpool?

8.The clubhouse of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club is located in which town? [H------]

9.I am a free annual music festival held in Liverpool. I attract thousands of visitors and acts from all over the world. What am I? [M----- S----- M---- F-------]

10.The Victoria Building Tower can be found where in Liverpool?

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