City of Leicester Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The early Roman settlement that was founded at the location of modern Leicester was known as?

2.I have a circulation of around 60,000. My offices are located on the corner of St Georges Way and Queen Street. What am I? [Lei------ ------y]

3.The Latin phrase Semper Eadem on the Leicester coat of arms means?

4.I attained the Royal Charter in 1957. My main location is a mile south of the city centre, next to Victoria Park. In 2009 I had an endowment of 5 million pounds. What am I? [U--------y -- --------r]

5.I am a state of the art theatre, designed by architect Rafael Vinoly. From 1973 to 2007 I was known as Haymarket Theatre but now I am called? [-----]

6.What is the Jewry Wall in Leicester?

7.The shopping centre opened as The Shires in 1991 is now known as?

8.I am an industrial museum in Leicester opposite the National Space Centre on Corporation road.

9.Which of these people is not from Leicester?

10.The Leicester Tigers play ?

11.The Leicester Phoenix play ?

12.In 1989 and 2009 Leicester hosted?

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