City of Leeds Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Where is Leeds located?

2.The Leeds Government is the governing body of the city.

3.What is the nickname for people who are from Leeds?

4.Where did Leeds derive its name?

5.What is the name of the police force currently serving the City of Leeds?

6.What is the name of the airport in Leeds?

7.Elland Road, an all-seater football stadium in Leeds, is a 3 star rated UEFA stadium.

8.What is also known as The Plaza Tower?

9.What is the tallest building in Leeds?

10.What is the motto of the University of Leeds?

11.The Leeds City Varieties is where the BBC filmed the popular TV show The Good Old Days.

12.What is Western Europes oldest West Indian Carnival named?

13.How many days does the Leeds Carnival last?

14.Where was the 1996 European Football Championship held?

15.What is the name of the company that provides the water supply for the city?

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