Jane Austen Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Which of these books was released first?

2.What was the title of the book that Jane?s nephew published in 1869? [A M----- o- J--- A-----]

3.How many brothers did Jane have?

4.What is the name of the central character in the novel Emma? [E--- W--------]

5.The title character of the novel Emma is keen to marry so that she may alleviate her financial concerns. True or False?

6.What was Janes sisters name?

7.Which Austin book was originally titled, Susan?

8.In Northanger Abbey Catherine Morland and family friends Mr and Mrs Allen visit which English town 97 miles south of London?

9.Which was Janes last complete novel?

10.In Sense and Sensibility what are the names of the three daughters of Mr Dashwood? E----r M------e M------t

11.In Sense and Sensibility, what is the name of Mr Daswoods estate? [N------ P---]

12.Thomas Langlois Lefroy, who spent much time with Jane and late in life confessed to being in love with her became? [L--- C---- J------ of Ireland]

13.In pride and prejudice, in which county is the estate of Pemberley? [----------]

14.In Pride and Prejudice, what is Catherine Bennet's nickname?

15.Spell lady Catherines surname ?

16.Anne Hathaway played Jane Austen in which 2007 biopic? [-------- Jane]

17.Jane Austen spent a great deal of time in what city in England that is home to the Jane Austen Centre and the annual Jane Austen Festival?

18.Which of the following Jane Austen novels was published first?

19.Jane Austen is buried at what famous landmark in England?

20.Jane Austen began writing what novel in January 1817, but did not finish it by the time she died? [S--dit-n]

21.What is the first name of Mr Darcy, the ultimate love interest of Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen's novel "Pride And Prejudice"?

22.Jane Austen wrote in "Persuasion" that "if there is anything disagreeable going on, men are always sure to" do what?

23.Who is NOT one of the actresses who meet to discuss Jane Austen's books in the 2007 film "The Jane Austen Book Club"?

24.Jane Austen's father, George, was known by what title?

25.Which other well-known female novelist was one of Jane Austen's contemporaries?

26.Which Jane Austen's novel features the character of George Knightley? [----]

27.In Austen's "Persuasion," Anne Eliot is "persuaded" not to marry Frederick Wentworth, then reconnects with him years later after he returns as a great success from what?

28.The Oscar-winning version of Austen's "Pride And Prejudice" from 1940 starred which actor as Mr Darcy?

29.Which of her novels did Jane Austen first title "Elinor And Marianne"?

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