Internet Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What does HTML stand for?

2.Which country is the top level domain .gh assigned to?

3.What does FTP stand for?

4.What did Sergey and Larry create?

5.When you ask your browser to save the address of a webpage so you can go back easily later you are creating a? [--------]

6.Jimmy Wales invented a crowdsourced information archive called?

7.The process of organising your website so that it brings the most possible number of visitors from search engines is called?

8.Friendster, MySpace and Facebook are all? [------ --------], and are all?

10.If you are accessing a website using SSL you are using?

11.The movie based on the story of Facebook was called? [--- ------ -------]

12.The style of guitar native to southern Spain is?

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