International Geography Trivia Questions & Answers

1.A two-headed eagle is found on the flag of which European country? [A------]

2.According to the proverb, all roads lead to where?

3.As in 2010, what is the most populous city in India?

4.Before Rabat and Marrakesh, what was the capital city of Morocco? [--z]

5.By what other name is Mount Godwin Austen known?

6.In which country is Mecca?

7.In Venice, what would you do with a vaporetto?

8.In which country is Lake Garda?

9.In which country is Lake Ladoga?

10.In which country is the Atacama desert?

11.In which country is the city of Mecca?

12.In which country is the peak of Mount Everest?

13.In which country is the port of Alexandria?

14.In which county in Ireland is the Blarney Stone?

15.The Larson A and Larson B Ice shelves at in?

16.In which group of islands is Divehi one of the main languages? [The M-------]

17.In which group of islands is Fuerteventura? [C-------]

18.In which modern African state is the city of Timbuktu?

19.In which ocean is the island of Pitcairn?

20.In which ocean is the island of St Helena?

21.Lake Vostok is an enormous lake that was discovered in 1975. Where is it?

22.What is the capital of Lithuania?

23.Majorca is part of which group of islands?

24.Medieval map collections were often bound together with a picture of which Greek God on the frontispiece? [-----]

25.Mont Blanc is the highest peak in which mountain range?

26.Mount Hermon is situated on the border between which two countries?

27.Name the three European countries beginning with the letter A. A------ A------ A------

28.Norfolk Island and Christmas Island are both dependent territories of which country?

29.Norman Manley International airport is the airport for which city?

30.Nunavut is a territory of which country?

31.Of which Canadian province is Regina the capital?

32.Of which Canadian province is Winnipeg the capital?

33.Of which country is Taupo the largest lake?

34.Of which European country are the Magyars the largest ethnic group?

35.Of which the former Soviet republic is Yerevan the capital? [-----ia]

36.Of which land-locked African country is Kigali the capital? [-----a]

37.Olympus Mons is the largest volcano known to man. Where is it? [----]

38.On which island is Guantanamo Bay?

39.Papua New Guinea became independent from which country?

40.The ANC was banned in South Africa from 1960 to 1990. What does "ANC" stand for?

41.The Apennine mountain range forms the backbone of which European country?

42.The Crimea is in which modern-day country?

43.The Gulf of Finland is the eastern arm of which sea? [The ------]

44.The statue of The Little Mermaid can be seen at the entrance to which harbour?

45.There are two South American countries which are landlocked. Name them. [------- and --------]

46.Three South American countries are crossed by the equator. Brazil and Columbia are two. What is the third?

47.Varig is the national airline in which country?

48.We now know Bombay as Mumbai - but how was Chennai formerly known? [------]

49.What is the capital of Afghanistan?

50.What is the capital of Albania?

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