International Cuisines Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Where was Waldorf Salad created?

2.What is the favourite flavour ice cream of Americans?

3.In food, a shallot is a small member of which family of vegetables?

4.What flavour is Bigarade Sauce?

5.What is the most predominant colour in a bag of M&M candies?

6.In food, what name is given to dried plums?

7.In food, what makes up the raw ingredients of crudites appetisers?

8.A dessert consisting of halved peaches, vanilla ice cream, covered in a certain sauce is named after which Australian opera singer, born Helen Mitchell?

9.What shape are Manicotti Pasta?

10.What type of nut is used to make Pesto Sauce?

11.Tartare sauce is traditionally served with what?

12.What do the English usually call the fruit of the Horse Chestnut tree?

13.What name is given to ice cream in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla layers?

14.What is Paprika?

15.In food, what 'P' is used to describe beans, peas and lentils?

16.What is Kromeski?

17.Which island do you associate with Jerk Chicken?

18.If you crimp a piecrust, what do you do to it?

19.In Indian cookery, what type of meat is Murghi?

20.A Hunza is which type of fruit?

21.Pilsner, Bock, and Malt Liquor are types of?

22.Olives are a good source of which vitamin?

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