Human History Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Who was president at the beginning of the Great Depression?

2.Who was Britain's first Labour Prime Minister?

3.What was the name of Adolf Hitler's mother?

4.Which President of Togo participated in two military coups and then ruled from 1968 till his death in 2005 "As He Was Being Evacuated For Emergency Treatment Abroad"?

5.In the 1990s, Nauru became a tax haven for which notorious organised crime group?

6.The battles of Alma, Balaclava and Inkerman took place during what war?

7.Who was Deputy Leader of the Labour Party in 2001?

8.By which of the following nicknames was Depression Era gangster Lester J Gillis known?

9.During November 1935, which famous Australian aviator disappeared in the Bay of Bengal on a flight from Australia to England?

10.Which Indonesian island was struck by an earthquake on 29 March 2005?

11.The Cutty Sark was first launched from Dumbarton, Scotland, on 22nd November of which year?

12.Which US President is regarded as the champion of a manned moon mission? [-------]

13.In 1936 near Baghdad an ancient artefact was discovered that could produce a voltage when combined with an acid. It is thought to be the earliest know ??

14.With the British abolition of the slave trade, the British navy took to patrolling the coasts, intercepting other nations slave ships. This was in the year?

15.Three thousand years ago there were two important developments in West Africa. One was the ability to manipulate stone, clay and metals to a sophisticated degree while the other was?

16.The history of the United States as a nation traditionally begins with the [----------- -- ------------] 1776

17.Thirteen Colonies began a rebellion against British rule in 1775 and proclaimed their independence in 1776 as the? (abbreviated)

18.During the Great Depression the United States experienced deflation, unemployment soared from 3% to 25% and manufacturing output collapsed by one-third. The Great Depression is usually considered to have occurred from?

19.The Kingdom of Great Britain was formed as a result of Acts of Union between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of?

20.The Anglo-Irish treaty of 1921 established the existence of? [I---- F--- -----]

21.At the 2010 UK election, the [------------ -----] won an absolute majority of MPs representing English constituencies, with 298 out of 533

22.Like most of ancient history, the origins of the Olympic Games is shrouded in myth and legend. The Ancient Greeks held the Olympics every 4 years, a period is known as an [--------]

23.A traditional Chinese religion began with a man named Kong Fuzi, but Jesuit missionaries called him?

24.This German-born Jewish theoretical physicist of profound genius is widely regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century is named?

25.Human prehistory begins in the "Early Stone Age" which is commonly known as [P----------] era.

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