Human Body Trivia Questions & Answers

1.How many chambers does a normal human heart have?

2.After which, psychiatrist and neuropathologist is pre-senile dementia named? [Alois A--------]

3.Approximately how long does a missing fingernail take to grow back?

4.How is the umbilicus more commonly known?

5.How many lungs do humans normally have?

6.If you divide a person weight in kilos by the square of that person's height in metres, you get an index which is known by which three-word phrase? [---- ---- -----]

7.In the body, what function is controlled by the section of the brain called the Medulla oblongata? [---------]

8.In the body, what is the more common name for the Tympanum?

9.In the human body, where the humerus bone?

10.Where would you find the Radial and Ulnar loop, Arches and Whorls found? [Your ----------ts]

11.In which part of the body would you find the stirrup and anvil?

12.In which part of the body would you usually find varicose veins? [The ----]

13.In which parts of the body are the phalanges?

14.In your mouth, what is another name for your Canines? [--- -----]

15.One of the largest in the body, what name is given to the tendon connecting the calf muscle to the heel bone? [-------- Tendon]

16.The coccyx bone is better known as what? [--------]

17.The decompression sickness known as The Bends is caused by bubbles of which gas in the blood?

18.What are the irregularly shaped, sticky colourless bodies in the blood which help to make it clot? [P--------]

19.What body parts can increase to eight times their smallest size? [E-- -----s]

20.What do we call the hormone produced in vertebrates at time of fear or exercise, which makes the body react quickly to danger? [---------]

21.What is the common name for the clavicle?

22.What is the common name for what can be described as "a sharp noise caused by a sudden spasm of the diaphragm with the closing of the windpipe, commonly caused by digestive disorder"

23.What is the medical name for the kneecap?

24.What is the name given to the branch of medicine associated with disorders of the blood? [H----------]

25.What is the name given to the seated cross-legged position adopted in yoga and meditation? [The ----- position]

26.What is the name of the chief muscle used for breathing? [---------]

27.What is the name of the cord that attaches a baby to its mother in the womb?

28.What is the popular name for what is scientifically known as the scapula?

29.What name is given to a hereditary form of Arthritis, marked by an excess of uric acid crystals in the tissues causing pain and inflammation in the joints? [----]

30.What name is given to the chief muscle of the hip forming the curve of the buttocks? [G------ M------]

31.What name is given to the disc-like structures in the blood which help it clot? [P--------]

32.What name is given to the fused bones at the base of the spinal column? [------]

33.What part of the body is affected by hepatitis?

34.Where in the body can you find Purkinje Fibres?

35.Where in your body is your cornea? [The ---]

36.Where on or in the body would you normally find Cerumen? [The ---]

37.Where on your body would you find a Lunula? [On your ----]

38.Where on your body would you find your Philtrum?

39.Which are the only cells in the human body that do not have a nucleus?

40.Which common adolescent skin complaint is caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands? [----]

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