City of Houston Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Houston was named after?

2.Where in Houston could you find a Shuttle simulator? [J------ S---- C-----]

3.What sport does the Houston Dynamo play?

4.Houston hosted the Super Bowl in 1976 and 2004. True or false?

5.The International Air Transport Association airport code for George Bush Intercontinental Airport is?

6.I was established in 1927 as a junior college. I am one of only four independent public universities in Texas. I have about 10 thousand students and a campus in the middle of Houston's Third Ward?

7.Name the Houstonian Olympic gold medallist, ordained Baptist minister, author and successful entrepreneur who might knock you out or make you a melted cheese sandwich. [------ -------]

8.In 1967 Houston was given the nickname?

9.According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Houston is the?

10.In June 2001 Houston experienced the worst flooding in its history. This was due to?

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