Horses Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What are Dapples?

2.Unscramble these horse-related words: Resi Lanstoli Breperdu liyegarn kcodpad

3.How many inches make up a hand?

4.A mature animal under 14.2 hands is usually considered not to be a horse but a?

5.Asturian Bashkirr Falabella Fleuve Fouta are all what?

6.According to legend the ancient Roman Emperor Caligula did what to his favourite horse Incitatus?

7.According to thoroughbred horse racing, colt and fillies are horses less than?

8.Marengo, Napoleon's horse is interesting because?

9.The famous horse-riding Australian military units of the Second Boer War and World War I knew as? Australia [L---- Horse]

10.Which of these is not a horse coat colour?

11.Which of these is not an Olympic Equestrian sport?

12.What is it called when a horse fails to jump a fence that was presented?

13.What does FEI stand for?

14.What is the name for someone who puts shoes on horses?

15.What was famous highwayman Dick Turpin's horse was called? [B---k Be--]

16.What is the Latin name for the common domesticated horse? [E---- F---- C-------]

17.A "hand" is the unit of measurement for height in horses. How long is a hand?

18.The largest museum in the world dedicated to the relationship between humans and horses is the International Museum of the Horse. Where is it located? [Lexington, K-------, USA]

19.The specialist responsible for hoof care in horses is called a? [F------]

20.Equestrian events are a part of the Winter or Summer Olympics?

21.A martingale is a piece of tack used to control what?

22.The Clydesdale is a breed of draft horse originating in what country?

23.The Przewalski's Horse, the only wild horse subspecies to survive to modern times, is native to what area?

24.Pony Club is an international youth organization dedicated to educating young people about horses and riding. What country boasts the largest membership?

25.How long is a horse's gestation period?

26.Horses have how many bones?

27.The height of a horse is measured from the ground to the?

28.The three equestrian Olympic events are? [D-------, E-------, and J------]

29.How many riders are on a polo team?

30.How many stomachs does a horse have?

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