History of Virginia Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In 1584, Queen Elizabeth I granted a charter for the colonization of Virginia to which English aristocrat?

2.The first civilian English settlement in Virginia was at Roanoke, now known as the "lost colony". What was the only clue as to the colonists' disappearance?

3.What was the name of the first child born to English parents in the New World?

4.The Native American princess Pocahontas married an Englishman. What was his name?

5.During the Civil War, the first combat meeting between ironclad ships occurred when the CSS Virginia met with what Union vessel?

6.The Confederate States of America had two capital cities during its existence. The first was Montgomery, Alabama. What was the other? [R-------, VA]

7.In 1989, who became the first African-American to be elected as Governor of a US State? [Douglas W-----]

8.By order of President Theodore Roosevelt, The Great White Fleet circumnavigated the globe from 1907 to 1909, demonstrating American blue-water navy capability. From where did the Great White Fleet launch? [H------ R----, VA]

9.Queen Elizabeth has paid two royal visits to which historic city and living history museum which features restored and reconstructed buildings of the 18th century and costumed interpreters working and dressing as they did during the colonial era?

10.In 1958 a working group of NASA engineers was created and tasked with the administration of America's manned spaceflight programs. Where was this Space Task Group based?

11.During the end of the Civil War, the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered to the Union Army following the Battle of Appomattox Court House. Who was the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia?

12.In what year did the Virginia Military Institute admit its first female cadets?

13.For whom is the James River named?

14.The 1947 book "Misty of Chincoteague" is set on the coastal island of Chincoteague, VA. What is Misty?

15.Where is CIA headquarters located?

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