History Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In which decade was the Mini skirt first fashionable?

2.The American colony of Virginia was named after which 'Virgin Queen' of England?

3.Who is credited with the discovery of antiseptics?

4.Which historical event led Levi Strauss to produce denim jeans?

5.Who shot and killed Martin Luther King?

6.Who described 1992 as an "annus horribilis"?

7.Ruins from which civilisation can be found at both Tazumel and Chalchuapa in El Salvador?

8.Which Lord disappeared after the death of Sandra Rivett in 1974?

9.In what African city was the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in August 2002?

10.In which decade did the 'Titanic' sink?

11.Where did Samurai warriors come from?

12.What was the surname of the brothers Orville and Wilbur, who made the world's first powered aeroplane flight in 1903?

13.Which country was home to colourful gangsters known as Bushrangers?

14.Where did Prince Charles and Diana Spencer get married?

15.Which American athlete equalled Asafa Powell's record for the 100m in May 2006?

16.Which 'M' was an ancient civilisation centred on the island of Crete?

17.Who was the Greek God of Fire?

18.The United States fought a war against which country from 1950 to 1953?

19.On 26 October 1985, French secret service agents bombed the Greenpeace flagship 'Rainbow Warrior' at which harbour?

20.What colour 'shirt' describes a member of Adolf Hitler's notorious stormtroopers?

21.Which outlaw was shot dead in 1881 in Fort Sumner in New Mexico?

22.Which Eva married Adolf Hitler?

23.Whose slogan was "You can have any colour you want, so long as it's black"?

24.By what name was the Independent State of Samoa known from 1900 to 1914?

25.In which country did the volcano Mount Arenal suddenly erupt on 29th July 1968 after it was thought to have been extinct for around 400 years?

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