City of Hamilton Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In 1900 about how many people lived in Hamilton?

2.In 2004 Hamilton City Council honoured former resident Richard O'Brien with a life-size bronze statue of him as Riff Raff from what play? [The R---- H----- S---]

3.I am owned by the Hamilton City Council and am the regions most popular tourist attraction. I have opened in the 1960s and house a collection of gardens. [H------- G------]

4.Which of these is not a sister city of Hamilton?

5.As of 2010, the capacity of Seddon Park is?

6.Braemar, Southern Cross and Waikato are? [---------]

7.I am a Christian music festival held annually at Mystery Creek Events Centre? [P-------- music festival]

8.In 2005, I attracted over 122,000 visitors. I feature trade stands from over 1000 businesses and attractions such as sheepdog trials. [National A----------- F-------]

9.Hamilton City Council website is?

10.As of June 2009, the population of urban Hamilton was about?

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