Guitar Trivia Questions & Answers

1.A classical guitar has strings made primarily of?

2.BB King had a favourite guitar called Blackie. Eric Clapton had a favourite guitar called Lucille. True or false?

3.The clamp used to temporarily shorten the strings on a guitar is called a?

4.Sharply bringing a fretting finger down on to the fretboard is called a? [------ --]

5.The part of a guitar that holds the machine heads that are tightened and loosened to tune the guitar is known as the?

6.Where is the Truss Rod?

7.Chet Atkins was a great exponent of?

8.A basic notation of describing guitar songs by writing fret numbers and therefore giving finger positions rather than musical notes is known as? [---]

9.A whammy bar, tremolo arm/bar and vibrato arm are different terms for the same thing. True or False?

10.Devices that act as a transducer and capture mechanical vibrations on a guitar are known as?

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