Geography Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Tajik is the official language of which Central Asian country?

2.Which northern seaside resort contains 'The Golden Mile'?

3.What is the unit of currency in Malaysia?

4.Tunisia borders which body of water?

5.What is the official language of Kazakhstan?

6.What kind of plantations are found on the Blue Mountains in Jamaica?

7.In which body of water would you find the Falkland Islands?

8.Goulash, a stew of beef, vegetables and paprika, was first eaten in which country?

9.A Venetian is an inhabitant of which European city?

10.In which island group would you find Ibiza, Majorca and Formentera?

11.In which body of water would you find the islands of Unst, Yell and Bressay?

12.Which country lies between India and Afghanistan?

13.In which African country would you find the River Bafing and town of Kindia?

14.Singapore time year-round is G.M.T. plus how many hours?

15.How many countries have borders with Austria?

16.The Golden Larch is native to which country?

17.What is the second most widely spoken language of Kuwait?

18.Of which Islamic country is Kabul the capital city?

19.In which country is the Great Victoria Desert?

20.What is the capital of Morocco?

21.Which country administers the Canadian Arctic Islands?

22.Glen Coe is sometimes known as 'The Glen Of what'?

23.From what city do the Lakers basketball team come?

24.Freetown is the capital city of which country?

25.In 2006 Guinea is the world's second largest producer of which metallic ore, accounting for 90% of export earnings?

26.In which European country is the city of Prague?

27.The 'Black Hills', which were confiscated from the Sioux Indians in 1877, after the discovery of gold are in which U.S. state?

28.What was the currency of France before the Euro?

29.The peninsula of Cape Verde is the westernmost part of which continent?

30.St Paul is the capital of which American state?

31.What is the international registration code for cars from Papua New Guinea travelling in a foreign country?

32.The Sinai Peninsula is situated in which Middle Eastern country?

33.In which south-central American state would you find the cities of Little Rock, Fort Smith and Pine Bluff?

34.Which Sydney beach hosted the beach volleyball competition at the 2000 Summer Olympics?

35.The headquarters of which further education establishment opened in 1971 in Milton Keynes?

36.Where in Los Angeles will you find the famous Muscle Beach where people exercise in the open?

37.The Paris district of Montmartre is home to which famous church?

38.What is the international registration code for cars from Tajikistan travelling in a foreign country?

39.The American highway Route 66 wound from Chicago to its final destination in which other city?

40.The Touareg is a nomadic tribe of which African country?

41.Who was the main urban planner of Brazil's capital city of Brasilia?

42.Which African country hosted the 2004 Pan Arab Games?

43.Fiji is comprised of approximately how many islands?

44.How is the Fijian President determined?

45.Which American city is known as the 'Queen City'?

46.Which country administers the Zemlya Frantsa-Iosifa Islands?

47.In which year was Antwerp the European City of Culture?

48.What is Okeechobee?

49.Which of these would best fit under the world's biggest waterfall?

50.The Golden Dome of Rock is a sacred shine of which religion?

51.Which of these deserts is in South America?

52.Cantabria and Galicia are regions of which country?

53.Drake passage separates South America and which another continent?

54.Each US state has a cute nickname - what is the nickname of the State of New York? [------ State]

55.Easter Island is a dependency of which country? [-----]

56.Excluding Australia, what is the 4th largest island in the world? [----------]

57.Freetown is the capital of which country? [------ L----]

58.Hellenes come from which country?

59.How is the Flavian Amphitheatre better known?

60.How many European countries does the prime meridian run through?

61.In which city could you visit the Burrell Collection?

62.In which city could you walk down the Royal Mile?

63.In which city is the Golden Gate bridge?

64.In which city is the world's biggest MacDonalds restaurant?

65.In which city would you find the Atomium?

66.In which country are the Apennine mountains?

67.In which country are the provinces of Kandahar, Her-at and Helmand?

68.In which country do 100 stotinki make up 1 lev?

69.In which country is Blue Mountain coffee grown?

70.In which European country is the city of Antwerp?

71.In which European county are the Cantabrian Mountains?

72.In which German city is the Oktoberfest held?

73.In which Italian city is the Colosseum?

74.In which London park is the Serpentine?

75.In which ocean is the deepest point on earth, the Marianas trench?

76.In which Ocean is there an area called Polynesia?

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