Gardening Trivia Questions & Answers

1.According to the Bible, where was Jesus betrayed by Judas? [The Garden of G---------]

2.What are the largest flowers of the genus Helianthus? [S--------]

3.What cells in a flower produce pollen?

4.What common English climbing plant is also known as Woodbine? [H----------]

5.What is Ha-Ha?

6.What is Muller Thurgau? [- -----]

7.What is the alternative name for the plant "Woodbine"?

8.What is the more common name for the flower the Victorians called Hearts Ease? [-----]

9.What is the name for the practice of covering the roots of a plant with a layer of bark or other material to protect them from frost? [M-------]

10.What is the name given to leaf compost which is used to improve the condition of the soil? [H----]

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