Food & Drinks of the World Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What is the name of the curved mincing knife used for chopping fresh herbs?

2.In Thailand what is Nam pla?

3.Curacao, Grand Marnier, and Cointreau are all liqueurs flavoured with?

4.What name is given to the two-coloured oblong cake, usually covered in marzipan?

5.In Hawaii, what sort of food is lomi lomi?

6.What is a snipe?

7.The Ugli fruit is also known by what name?

8.Kit Kat candy bars originated in what country?

9.What is Sangria typically made with?

10.Baklava is a Greek or Turkish pastry filled with nuts and flavoured with what?

11.What canned meat product made its worldwide debut in 1937?

12.What is the capacity of a demijohn?

13.Which American singer had a 1968 hit with the single Honey?

14.The Intel 8088 was followed by the 8086, the 80286, the 80386, the 80486. What followed the 486? [The -------]

15.In Indian food, what is the name given to a mixture of spices, from the Hindi words for the hot mixture? [Garam M-----]

16.In which 1980s American police television series was Frank Furillos nickname Pizzaman? [H--- S----- B----]

17.What exists between infrared and short wave frequencies? [M---------]

18.What is unusual about all the dishes in a Dim Sum?

19.Which Earl allegedly changed the eating habits of the world over a game of cards? [The Earl of S-------]

20.Who does the Kentucky Fried Chicken logo represent?

21.Who was the American commercial pioneer of Frozen and dehydrated food who died in 1956? [Clarence B------e]

22.Who was the demon barber of Fleet Street, who made his customers into pies?

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