FIFA Wimbledon & Sports Tournaments Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In which Scandinavian country was Carolina Kluft born?

2.Which manufacturer produces the ZX-RR?

3.In 2001 which Snooker player won the first of his World Championships?

4.After winning the 2005 French Open, who becomes the first player since Mats Wilander in 1982 to win the tournament on his first attempt?

5.Where do razorfish live?

6.What 'G' are worn by swimmers to protect their eyes?

7.All the England participants in the 2005 Ashes series, apart from the captain, received what type of honour?

8.Rather embarrassingly perhaps, what did Stirling Moss manage to lose for a year on 13th April 1960?

9.In 1973 what became the first Scottish venue to host the Ryder Cup?

10.In snooker, what colour ball is spotted on the centre of the table?

11.What did Jimmy White change his surname to during a tournament in 2005?

12.Gareth Edwards scored, what was for many the greatest try ever, for the Barbarians in 1973. Who were the opponents?

13.Schillaci was the Italian hero in the 1990 World Cup, which movie dog did he share a first name with?

14.Which country did Australia defeat in 1981 following an infamous underarm delivery by Trevor Chappell?

15.In men's tennis, who won the 2003 Wimbledon Championships?

16.How many teams in France's qualifying group finished unbeaten?

17.In 2007, who overturned a two-stroke deficit in the final round at the Buick Invitational to win his seventh P.G.A. Tour title in a row?

18.What 'K' is the surname of the Pakistani squash player who won the world open championship a record six times in the 1980s?

19.In which American state is the U.S. Open Championship venue of Oakmont Country Club?

20.Which country won the first World Cup of Baseball?

21.Who was the first driver to win the Formula One AND Indy Car World championships?

22.In which year were the first modern Olympic games held in Athens?

23.Which four-yearly sporting event was first held in Uruguay in 1930?

24.The Hopman Cup, an international mixed doubles tennis competition, is staged in what country?

25.Which sport is connected to Dutchman Rie Mastenbroek?

26.Angola's only defeat in 2006 World Cup qualifying was a 2-0 reverse at the hands of which nation?

27.In which year did the U.S.A.'s Ryder Cup team achieve their first victory over Great Britain on British soil?

28.Who scored Germany's goal to take them into the 2002 semi-finals?

29.From which football club did Chelsea sign Hernan Crespo in 2003?

30.Who was the winner of the men's 5000m in the 2004 Olympics?

31.Complete the name of the popular fitness equipment manufacturer 'Trim' what?

32.The first cricket match credited with Test status was played in 1877 between Australia and England. At which ground did it take place?

33.Which member of the Cod family has a greenish-brown line that curves towards the head?

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