Female Scientists Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Anna Freud is a?

2.Jane Goodall is famous for studying what animal?

3.Who was known as the Mother of Modern Physics?

4.Dian Fossey is an expert on?

5.The first person to win a Nobel prize in two different scientific disciplines is?

6.Mae Carol Jemison an American physician was the first African American woman to?

7.Chien Shiung-Wu is an American physicist who?

8.Grace Murray Hopper was a world-class American Mathematician and Computer Scientist but she was also?

9.Dixie Lee Ray became?

10.What is the name of the woman who revolutionized medical treatment in the 1800s by improving cleanliness and organization in hospitals?

11.Margaret Mead became world famous in the field of?

12.Florence Sabin used microscopes to study?

13.In 2004 Linda B. Buck won a Nobel prize in?

14.Rita Levi-Montalcini won a Nobel prize for her discovery of? [n---e gro--h f-c--r]

15.Between 1901 and 2009 a Nobel prize has been awarded to a woman how many times?

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