Famous Tonys Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Which 17th-century Flemish painter worked with Rubens and rivalled him in popularity? [Sir Anthony V-- D---]

2.Which American film actor, real name Bernard Schwarz, starred in "Some Like It Hot" and "Spartacus"? [Tony ------]

3.Name the British photographer, the 1st Earl of Snowdon, married to Princess Margaret from 1960 to 1978. [Antony A-------- J----]

4.Which British politician who succeeded Churchill as prime minister and became the Earl of Avon in 1961. [Anthony ----]

5.Name the Dutch colonial administrator who sent out exploration expeditions to Australia. Tasmania got its original name from him. [Anthony --- ------]

6.English politician, born 1953, British prime minister from 1997. [---- -----]

7.Name the Italian composer (1678-1741) who wrote over 450 concertos including "The Four Seasons" [A------ V------].

8.Name the Italian composer, born 1750, who worked in Vienna and became a famous rival of Mozart. [Antonio S------]

9.Name the Spanish actor whose films include "Philadelphia" and "Evita". He married actress Melanie Griffith. [A------ B-------]

10.Name the Welsh actor whose films include "The Elephant Man", "Shadowlands" and "The Silence of the Lambs". [A------ -------]

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