Famous Sydneysiders Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Who was Sydneysider Hugh Jackman's character assigned to kill in the movie Van Helsing?

2.Audiences across the globe know Sydneysider Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse in the TV series?

3.Which Sydneysider actress starred as the mother of a disturbed son in the film The Sixth Sense?

4.Sydneysider Sharni Vinson is an actress and?

5.Name the Sydneysider actor who is the son of a former Australian Prime Minister.

6.What is the name of Sydneysider Miranda Kerr's husband?

7.Sydneysider Elle Macpherson speaks English and?

8.Name the Sydney-born Actress who starred in the movie Johnny English. [Natalie I--------]

9.Although possessing of a North American accent, this spiky-haired fitness guru has a can-do attitude that's all Australian. And she was born in Sydney! [Susan P-----]

10.This acclaimed model and sometime actress first appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1986. Yet before that, she could be seen on the sandy beaches of her Sydney birthplace.

11.This noted Sydney native is a famous author known for his series of Ranger?s Apprentice fantasy books. What is his name?

12.This multi-talented singer and actor have gals swooning across the globe, all of whom want to be Ricky's Girl. He was born in Sydney, who is he? [Rick S----------]

13.This long-standing Australian politician was a member of the Australian House of Representatives for more than 30 years, retiring in 2007. Who is this Sydney native? [Alan C-----]

14.This Sydney native is a famous pop singer and ARIA Award winner who is also known for dating the actress Claire Danes. Who is he? [--- ---]

15.This journalist and adventurer was born in Sydney and is known for starting Australian Geographic magazine. Who is he?

16.This Sydney native, a film veteran who has been working since her teens, can be seen in the smash movie hit Bridesmaids and on the television show Damages. [R--- B----]

17.This Sydney-based native wrote the classic novel The Timeless Land, as well as many other works throughout the 1950s. Who is she? [Eleanor D---]

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