Elephants Trivia Questions & Answers

1.There are three species of Elephant living today. One species is the Indian/Asian Elephant, the other two species are from Africa, what are they?

2.The gestation period for a baby Elephant is?

3.The main predators of healthy adult elephants are?

4.An Elephants hearing is?

5.Does the elephant really have a good memory?

6.An Elephants brain can weigh up to how many kilograms?

7.Which gender of African Elephants has tusks?

8.Are there elephants in Sri Lanka?

9.How many African countries have Elephants?

10.How many more African elephants are there than Indian/Asian Elephants?

11.In the Indian state of Jharkhand how many people were killed by elephants between 2000 and 2004?

12.On average how many hours a day does an elephant spend eating?

13.An elephant herd consists of?

14.Can Elephants jump?

15.What is a female elephant called?

16.How many species of elephant are recognized?

17.How long is an elephant's gestation period?

18.What is an elephant's top speed?

19.How long is the average sleep time of an elephant, per day?

20.The use of the elephant as a mascot by the US Republican political party began with an 1874 cartoon by whom?

21.Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories" include a story about how the elephant developed his long trunk. What is the title of this story?

22.What phrase is an idiom for a valuable, but burdensome possession whose cost of upkeep outweighs its usefulness? [W---- E-------]

23.Dr Seuss' elephant character, Horton, first appears in which book?

24.The Order of the Elephant is the highest order of what European country?

25.Children's literature icon Babar the Elephant is married. What is his wife's name?

26.How tall can a male African elephant grow, at the shoulder?

27.In Disney's movie "Dumbo", Dumbo's best friend is named Timothy. Timothy is what species?

28.What is the name for the person "driving" an elephant?

29.Which has the larger ears, African or Asian elephants? [A------]

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