City of Edinburgh Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Edinburgh is the?

2.I am a Victorian Gothic monument to a Scottish author. I stand in Princes Street gardens. I am 200 feet 6 inches (61.11 m) high. What am I? [S---- M-------]

3.I was born in Edinburgh in 1859. I was a physician and writer. I am most well known for my crime fiction stories featuring an astute crime solver and his doctor assistant. Who am I?

4.What sport do the Edinburgh Capitals play?

5.The IATA designation code for Edinburgh Airport is?

6.I was born in Edinburgh and educated at the University of Edinburgh. I developed a series of famous equations and am regarded as the father of the theory of electromagnetism. Who am I? [M------]

7.The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe are both elements of which larger event?

8.If I was looking at the work of Margaret MacDonald, Eduardo Paolozzi or the Monymusk Reliquary where would I be? [-----m -- --------d]

9.I am a department store that has been located on Princes Street since 1838. What am I? [------s]

10.I am a participatory arts event held on April 30th on Calton Hill. I am inspired by an ancient Gaelic festival. What am I? [B------ F--- F-------]

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