City of Dunedin Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In June 2009 the Dunedin population was about?

2.As of 2009 the University of Otago and The Otago Polytechnic contributed what percentage of Dunedin's population?

3.What do some people know as DUD or NZDN? [D------ ------------- ------T]

4.Complete the names of these Dunedin events. [The W---e F--- F--- Festival S------- Festival of S---- C-----y C------te Carnival]

5.I am one of only two in New Zealand. I overlook the Pacific Ocean. I was built for Edward Cargill, son of city founder William Cargill. What am I? [C---ills C-----]

6.Fortune and Regent are what? [--------]

7.As of 2010, the capacity of Carisbrook stadium is about?

8.Dunedin the furthest city in the world from London, how far away from London is it?

9.Dunedin's Baldwin Street is known as?

10.Complete the names of these Dunedin suburbs? W--dh---h Gl--l--th L---h V-ll-y Dal----

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