City of Dublin Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The name Dublin comes from the Irish Dubh Linn meaning?

2.The Dublin Light Rail System is known as Luas. What does this Irish word mean in English?

3.Complete these Luas station names Harc---t T----ty C--p-r D--d--m B---lly

4.The Lord Mayor of Dublin is elected for a term of?

5.In Dublin what are Spin, Today and Phantom? [----- --------]

6.Who Leased St. James's Gate for 9,000 years in 1759 by at 45 per year? [A----r G-------]

7.Complete the name of these three Dublin institutes of higher learning. ---------- of ------ National ---------- of I------ ------ C--- University

8.If you were a doctor what would RCSI stand for? [Royal C------ of S------- in I------]

9.In 2010 Dublin was?

10.Complete the name of these three Dubliners who won a Nobel prize for literature... W------ B----- Y---- G----- B------ S--- S----- B-----

11.The RDS hosts the Dublin Horse Show. What does RDS stand for?

12.What band originally formed as The Ronnie Drew Ballad Group in 1962 in Dublin?

13.Which band was formed in 1976 in Dublin, Ireland?

14.Which river flows through Dublin and empties into Dublin Bay?

15.Which Dublin-born actor won the Irish Film and Television award for best actor for the 2009 film "Ondine"?

16.The name of the city of Dublin comes from the words "Dubh" and "Linn," meaning what in English?

17.The [E----- R----g] rebellion against British rule in Ireland began in April 1916 in Dublin.

18.Which 1991 film, based on a novel by Roddy Doyle, is about a band that brings soul music to Dublin?

19.The city of Dublin is located in which Irish province?

20.In 1759, Arthur Guinness bought a small [----ery] in Dublin and formed a business.

21.The Spire of Dublin, an about a 120-metre-high monument that towers over INTOConnell Street in Dublin, is made primarily out of what material?

22.The team the Dublin [D-----] is in the Australian Rules Football League of Ireland.

23.Located in Dublin, Aras an Uachtarain became the official residence of whom in 1938?

24.Dublin is home to the national theatre of Ireland, the [A----].

25.At a size of 707 hectares, which park in Dublin is one of Europe's largest enclosed urban parks?

26.Which of these plays was NOT written by Dublin-born playwright Sean O'Casey?

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