Dolphins Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Tuffy, a dolphin trained by the US Navy performed the deepest dive recorded by a bottlenose dolphin. How deep did he go?

2.How many species of ocean dolphins are there?

3.Which Whale is actually a dolphin?

4.Which are the most common species of dolphin?

5.Which of these is not a type of dolphin?

6.Dolphin Calves suckle their mother for how long?

7.The weight range for an adult bottlenose dolphin is?

8.The fastest dolphins can reach swimming speeds of?

9.What is the maximum age range for a bottlenose dolphin?

10.Mitzi, perhaps the worlds most famous dolphin played what character on Television?

11.What is the largest dolphin species?

12.What another member of the Whale family is often confused with dolphins?

13.Dolphins are mammals, mammals have hair, so dolphins have hair?

14.What is the tail fin of a dolphin called?

15.What is the collective noun for dolphins?

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