Dogs Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Where are dog's Withers?

2.What are Belton, Merle, Roan, Wheaten and Domino?

3.Dew, Hare, Mops, Paper and Splay all relate to what part of a dog?

4.Gay, Saber and Screw are all types of dog what?

5.What is a dog living in a fully wild state referred to as?

6.What do dogs do in a Schutzhund competition?

7.In January 2010 the worlds oldest dog died. Otto was a Dachshund terrier cross from England, how old was he?

8.A human has around 5,000,000 smelling cells, how many does an Alsatian have?

9.According to Chinese culture, 2006 was the year of the dog. When would the next year of the dog occur?

10.What from a dog can be used to uniquely identify it in the same way fingerprints can be used to identify humans?

11.The African Wild Dog is also known as? [The P------ Wolf]

12.Unscramble these dog breeds Trlrietowe Hahcauhiu Naltaac Gospeedh Fgnaah Udohn Yeomads Irsih Sertte

13.George Lucas pet Alaskan Malamute inspired the creation of which character?

14.Dogs are domesticated forms of what?

15.In a sound system, what is the name for a large bass speaker? [------]

16.In rap music by what name is Calvin Broadus better known? [S---- ----- ---]

17.What breed of dog is sometimes called a Sausage Dog?

18.What was Deputy Dawgs partner called?

19.Which breed of dog is traditionally pictured rescuing people with brandy round its neck? [-- -------]

20.Which group of islands were given their name in Roman times because of the large number of dogs kept on them? [The C----- I------]

21.Which type of teeth fit just behind the incisors? [-------]

22.What is the term used by breeders for the father of a litter of puppies?

23.What is the term used by breeders for the mother of a litter of puppies?

24.According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the worlds smallest dog is named Lucy. Lucy is of what breed?

25.According to mythology, Cerberus guards the gates of Hades. Cerberus is a dog with how many heads?

26.In the 1961 novel "Where the Red Fern Grows", the story centres around a young boy and his two redbone coonhounds. What were the dogs' names? [O-- D-- and L----- A--]

27.An abnormal fear of dogs is called what?

28.What is the name of the male Portuguese Water Dog owned by President Obama and his family?

29.Queen Elizabeth II is known for being particularly fond of what breed of dog?

30.A dog show where judges evaluate each dog based on the breed ideal is called what?

31.What is the name of the sport wherein handlers direct dogs through an obstacle course?

32.What is the name of the wild dog unique to Australia?

33.Giant George, the Guinness World Record holder for a tallest dog ever, is of what breed?

34.What species is now recognized as the exclusive ancestor of modern domesticated dogs? [G--- W---]

35.Snoopy was born and raised where before Charlie Brown's parents bought him for their son? [D---- H--- Puppy Farm ]

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