Dinosaurs Trivia Questions & Answers

1.One of the largest flesh-eating land animals ever. I have massive legs and tiny arms. I can reach a height of 7 meters/23 feet and weight over 7000 kg. (spelling matters) T-----------s

2.Most dinosaurs were?

3.The largest dinosaur for which there is conclusive evidence, Argentinosaurus, is believed to have been approximately how long?

4.The biggest dinosaur skull ever found was the skull of Torosaurus, how long was it?

5.Are real dinosaur bones used in museum skeletons?

6.What is the study of prehistoric life called?

7.The first dinosaur fossil was discovered and scientifically described in?

8.What does the work Dinosaur mean in its Greek root?

9.Although there is disagreement the most popular estimate of the T Rex maximum running speed is?

10.When did dinosaurs become extinct?

11.During the Triassic Period, 245 million years ago, the Earth consisted of only a single continent, it was called? [P-----]

12.Dinosaurs are usually named after?

13.How many dinosaur species have been officially named?

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