Detectives Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The mystery of Edwin Drood was the unfinished last novel by which writer? [------- D------]

2.What is the name of the male detective created by P.D. James? [Adam D--------]

3.Which author of detective fiction also wrote romantic novels under the name Mary Westmacott?

4.Which cartoon detective was portrayed on screen by Warren Beatty in a yellow trenchcoat?

5.Which detective character made famous the catchphrase Make my day? [H---- C----han]

6.Which detective featured in Raymond Chandler's stories The Big Sleep and Farewell my Lovely? [P----- M------]

7.Which detective first appeared in Last Bus to Woodstock? (Colin Dexter) [I-------- M----]

8.Which famous detective first appeared in the story A Study in Scarlet?

9.Which real-life detective led the hunt for evidence against Al Capone? [E---- N---]

10.Who is normally accompanied on his investigations by Velma and Shaggy? [------ ---]

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