Darren Lockyer Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Lockyer has written a column for Queensland newspaper called The [------- ----]?

2.At the end of the 1997 season, the Lockyer was selected to represent Australia, becoming the youngest ever to play for the Kangaroos at the position of [--------]

3.Darren Lockyer Way is between Toowoomba and [I------]?

4.Lockyer changed from fullback to five-eighth after being encouraged by former Bronco's coach Wayne Bennett. This was at the beginning of which NRL season?

5.Among many of his achievements, Lockyer is the only current player to make the list of "Australia's _____ Greatest Players"

6.As of 2011, Darren Lockyer has been named "Man of the Match" for how many times?

7.In his honour, Warrego Highway has been renamed to Darren Lockyer Way and also the Queensland State Government has agreed to sculpt a life-size to be placed at [L--- ----]

8.In Round 22, on 7 August 2011, Lockyer played his all-time record-equalling 349th club game against the New Zealand Warriors. The match was played at [S------] stadium.

9.Lockyer announced his retirement on 28 March 2011 after deciding not to go to the Super League with the club [Widnes V------]

10.Lockyer has Captained in 22 State of Origin Games putting him in the second place after [----- L----] who has captained 30

11.During the end of season 2010 Four Nations tournament, Lockyer broke the Australian national team's all-time try-scoring record of 33 by scoring his 34th. The record was previously held by?

12.In June 2008, Lockyer was chosen in the Queensland Rugby League's Team of the Century at fullback or five-eighth?

13.In which year did Lockyer not win Club Best Back Award?

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