Cricket World Cup 2011 Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The 2011 Cricket World Cup was the Cricket World Cup?

2.How many national teams competed?

3.Which country was stripped of its rights as co-host for the 2011 World Cup in 2009?

4.The Opening Ceremony was held in?

5.The winning team will take home?

6.The Chittagong Divisional Stadium, which will host games in the 2011 World Cup is located in which country?

7.The largest stadium to be used in the 2011 World Cup is in Kolkata and holds 90,000 people. What is it called? [E--- G------]

8.World Cup umpire Billy Doctrove is from which nation?

9.Which country was ranked the #1 one day team going into the World Cup?

10.The official mascot for the 2011 Cricket World Cup is?

11.The ICC sold the rights to televise the 2011 World Cup for?

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